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Eagles Eye Sacco Ltd, a Christian-Based Financial Institution situated in Thika, is looking for a suitably qualified individual to fill the position of a Credit Officer. 


The successful candidate will be responsible for timely debt collection and effective management of Credit Department.

Reporting to the SACCO Manager, the main functions of the Credit Officer entail:

1. Evaluation of loan forms received from the loan receiving officer to ensure adherence to the lending regulations and policies of the society

2. Maintenance of guarantors’ records and ensure all loans are fully guaranteed.

3. Verify that securities are provided and forwarded for approval.

4. Recommend loan applications to be forwarded to credit committee for approval.

5. Filing of duly processed loan forms and maintaining the loan register

6. Ensure efficient and prompt recovery of loans disbursed and interest accrued.

7. Drafting demand notices to loan defaulters.

8. Credit rating for classification of credit worthiness.

9. Maintenance of monthly reports on loan portfolios and non-performing loans and availing the same to the management committee through the SACCO manager.

10. Proactively manage risk/exposure for assigned portfolio continuously.

11. Ensure recovery of items pledged as security on delinquent loans.

12. Assist in restructuring of debts in the interest of the society and customer.

13. Assist in the grading and classification of loan accounts.

14. Assist the credit committee in developing sound credit policies. 

15. Maintaining confidentiality of members’ loan information.

16. Any other lawful duties as may be assigned from time to time. 


- Minimum CPA Part 2

- Business related degree will be an added advantage

- Two years relevant experience

- Have demonstrated high financial management capability

- Have good knowledge of information technology


How to Apply: 

To reach the Office on or before 9 December 2019 latest 5.00pm.

Send your application Addressed to:

The Chairman,

Eagles Eye Sacco Limited

P.O BOX 3809-01002


Or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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John Laichena

I am John Laichena and a member of Eagles Eye Sacco Limited for more than 10 years. I have a transport company (Laichean Transport Services) offering school transport services for the last 5 years around Juja and its environs.

When I began this business it was extremely hard to get financing from conventional commercial banks because of the rigid requirements of getting a loan. I approached the Eagles Eye Sacco and they agreed to finance the buying of the first van which served us for sometime. 

The demand of our services was quite overwhelming and this necessitated us to acquire another top up loan to buy a new van which Eagles Eye Sacco readily offered.

The loan repayment plans are quite flexible up to 48 months and their interest rate is customer friendly. This Sacco has been a blessing to me. Long live Eagles Eye Sacco.


Christian Church Int'l - Shammah

My name is Rev. Daniel Mutiso pastoring Christian Church International (CCI)- Shammah in Kiganjo Thika.  We joined Eagles Eye Sacco as a corporate members and so far we have enjoyed the services offered by this this Sacco.

As a church, it has been difficult to get loan from our bank. But, when we approached Eagles Eye Sacco and they gave us money to continue with our building project.

Their loan terms are quite favorable at very low interest rates and a flexible repayment period. With Eagles Eye Sacco, we have a reliable partner even in the work of the ministry.

May the Lord bless Eagles Eye Sacco to greater heights of prosperity and empowering their members to succeed.


Christian Church Int'l - Nairobi Diocese

We as the Nairobi Diocese have had a dream since the inception of our diocese to purchase land and put an administration block so that in the event of change of leadership in the diocese, we would not keep moving offices.

In 2015, we approached a company selling land and we requested for a piece of land for the said purpose. Our request was finally granted in 2017 for a piece of land,1.25 acres which is 2.5 Kilometers from Thika Super highway along Kenyatta Road.

The selling price was 10 Million and a down payment was to be made immediately. We looked for money in all directions but things were not working out. Finally Eagle Eye Sacco came to our rescue and gave us a loan facility of over 4 Million shillings which Eagles Eye Sacco as a diocese.

Today we are still moving ahead and very soon we shall invite you to a plot dedication and ground breaking ceremony as we embark on constructing our administration block as a church. Without God and Eagles Eye Sacco, We would not have done it. God bless Eagles Eye Sacco. - Bishop Godfrey Mambo.








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Management Committee

Eagles Eye Sacco Society Ltd is headed by a management committee, which lays down the general policies of the organization. The Sacco also has a supervisory committee which plays an oversight role on the Sacco's affairs.

The following is the composition of the current management and supervisory committee.


Management Committee

The Management committee is the top leadership of the Sacco. They steer the way forward in implementation of the strategic plan.




Credit Committee

Members in this committee are elected from the general membership. Their work is to vet and approve loans:




Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory committee are elected from the general membership: Their role is to scrutinize the operations of the Sacco




The management has employed staff who performs the day to day operations of the society:


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Eagle's Eye Sacco

Realise Your Financial Dreams!

With a Stable, Caring and Trustworthy Financial Partner...

About Us

We are an award winning, responsive, and fast-growing financial services provider. We empower our members to succeed through a variety of loans and savings products...


Join us today and start realising your financial dreams. Whether you are looking at buying land and building your own home, buying a car or educating your kids, we have you covered...

Loans & Savings

We provide affordable financing of up to 3 times one's savings to our members. Our repayment terms are very flexible, with an interest rate of only 1% per month on reducing balance... 

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Membership Types and Eligibility 

If you're looking for a stable, reliable and highly customer-centric financial services provider, then here we are. Welcome to Eagle's Eye Sacco Ltd. We are an award winning Thika-based savings and credit cooperative society catering for the diverse financial needs of our membership.

Since our inception in 1998, we have played a key role in the financial empowerment of our members. By providing an opportunity for our members to see their savings grow and at the opportunity to borrow at affordable rates, we have helped many people realise their dreams of starting businesses, keep live stock, educate their children, and even buy land and build permanent homes.

These are life-time goals that would perhaps have been difficult to achieve without a reliable financial partner. But at Eagle's Sacco we take pride in being there for our members at the moment of need. This is what endears us most to our clients, and solving our members' financial needs is what keeps us going.

So, do you have goals and dreams that you feel you must achieve? Do you have children whose future you must secure through good education, or even a home you wish to buy or build? Your success awaits you at Eagle's Eye Sacco. Join us today and start your journey towards financial freedom!

Eagle's Eye Sacco' Membership is open to Kenyan Nationals anywhere in the World.


To join the Sacco one needs to:

1). Complete Membership Application Form

2). Attach copy of Kenyan National Identity Card or Valid Kenyan Passport

3). Attach coloured passport size photograph.

 >>>Download Individual Membership Form


To join the Sacco one needs to:

1). Complete group membership application form.

2). Attach minutes of the group's meeting resolving to join Eagle's Eye Sacco.

3). Attach the group's constitution.

4). Attach copies of Identification Cards, Passport and photos of authorised signatories.

5). Attach copy of group's registration certificate.

>>>Download Group Membership Form


To join the Sacco one needs to:

1). Complete corporate membership application form.

2). Attach minutes of the Board of Directors meeting resolving to join Eagle's Eye Sacco.

3). Attach copy of articles and memorandum of association

4). Attach copies of Identification Cards, Passport and photos of three authorised signatories.

5). Attach copy of registration certificate.

 >>>Download Corporate Membership Form

>>> Download Corporate Interest/Dividend Form


One may cease to be a member of the Eagle's Eye Sacco at will, or such membership may be terminated in accordance with the Sacco's Bylaws. To voluntarily terminate your membership, download, filling in and submit the form below to the head office:

 >>>Download Membership Termination Form

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Strategic Plan

In order to be successful in a fast changing business environment, Eagle’s Eye SACCO Ltd has to acquire an internal capacity for proactive planning and self-control by setting performance standards and putting in place a mechanism for continuous monitoring and evaluation.  The strategic plan covering the period 2015-2019 is an attempt by Eagle’s Eye SACCO to be proactive in its performance management and be in control of its activities.

Below is Eagle’s Eye SACCO objectives/goals the period 2015 – 2019:

  • To embrace appropriate technology in our service delivery and communication.
  • Increase membership by 70 members every year.
  • Enhance capital base.
  • Product diversification.
  • Start income generating activities.
  • Evaluation of strategic plan.

Objective 1

So far by this year 2016, we have developed a SACCO website and have availed all our forms online.  We have embraced communication to members through email because most of them have submitted their email addresses.  Electronic Money Transfer is now in place.  Pay-bill service is also in place.  Education on applied technology has been a continuous activity.

Objective 2

From 2015 to date, we have recruited 177 members making a total of 400 active members.  This has been possible through the marketing team we set up and through our members as well.  Out of the 400, 24 are corporate bodies.

Objective 3

We have continually enhanced our capital base.  We have raised it from 11.7m to 40m.  A budget committee has been set up which monitors our budget.

Objective 4

We have fully rolled out a housing scheme by 2015 as had been set in our plan which is fully registered under the name Eagle’s Wings Housing Co-operative Society Ltd.  So far it has 120 active members with a capital base of 11m.  We are now exploring the possibilities of a Front Officer Service (FOSA).

Objective 5

The possibilities of starting Mpesa dealership is underway.

Objective 6

We have already developed a personnel policy and code of conduct for both management committee and members.

>>>Download Complete Strategic Plan

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Our Products: Loans and Savings

Eagle’s Eye being a savings and credit society has loan products as outlined below. Click on the product title to download the Loan Application Form or Click "Download Loan Form" Button:

  • Development Loan: Loan applied is 3 times the maximum deposits and on reducing balance payable within a maximum period of 60 months. 
  • Top-up/Refinancing Loan: Applicable to one who has cleared 75% of the previous development loan.  Terms and conditions of the development loan applies.
  • School Fees Loan: Applicable at any time of the year and repayable within 12 months.  Amount applied is a maximum of Ksh. 50,000.
  • Emergency Loan: Applicable any time of the year repayable within 12 months.  Amount applied is a maximum of Ksh. 50,000.
  • Masomo Juu Loan: Applicable any time of the year repayable within 24 months.  Amount applied is a minimum of Ksh. 50,000 and a maximum of Ksh. 120,000.  
  • Eagle Instant: Issued within 24 hrs and payable in cash or cheque. Repayable within 6 months.  Amount given is a minimum of Ksh. 5,000 and a maximum of Ksh. 50,000.
  • Jiinue Loan: Investment loan payable to our subsidiary company “Eagle’s Wings Housing Co-operative Society Ltd” to acquire property.  Repayable within a maximum period of 60 months. Terms and Conditions of the development loan applies.
  • Fagia Loan: It offsets all outstanding loan balances freeing you to service one consolidated loan repayable within a maximum period of 60 months. Terms and Conditions of the development loan applies. An administration cost of 10% of the principal loan balances is deducted.  

Recently Introduced Loan Products include:

  • Eagles Eye Plaza Project - This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy shares in the upcoming Sacco's headquarters construction project. To begin investing, >>>download the registration form here <<<
  • Biashara loan - This will be issued to those who are intending to start business or they are already into it.
  • Agribusiness loans - The Sacco will be giving loans to members on Kilimo loans such as Dairy farming, poultry, fish ponds, green houses.
  • Asset Financing - This is a loan product intended to buy an asset and will be financed at 75%.
  • Junior Package - One can save for their children until they are 18 years of age.    One can withdraw for school fees of the child. The saving will be done from birth to 18 years.
  • School Fees - We opened up this loan to be taken at any time of the year not necessarily end of year.

N/B: All loans are subject to the loan policy, rules and regulations and are on reducing balance.


Saving Schemes

Our saving schemes include:

  • Pension Savings for Old Age – This is intended to help our members during their sunset years. We will partner with CIC on this issue.
  • Familia Jipange - This is a saving product intended for young families for weddings, dowry and maternity.
  • Juniors package - This is a saving product intended to plan for your children's education.
  • Holiday package (also known as Christmas Package) - An annual saving scheme with full refunds issued in the month of December. Minimum monthly saving is Ksh. 500. To Join the scheme and start making contributions, download, fill in this form, and send it to our office >> JOINING FORM<<. To make a withdrawal, download and fill in >>THIS FORM<<, and then submit it to the office.
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About Us

Empowering members to achieve financial success

To improve members welfare by providing excellent financial services in a transparent and consistent manner

Unlimited financial growth

1. Embrace appropriate technology in all our service delivery.
2. Educate staff, management and members on use of applied technology.
3. Diversify, recruit and retain membership.
4. Enhanced capital base.
5. Product diversification.
6. Improved communication channels.
7. Establish Eagle’s Eye SACCO properties.

The idea of starting this Sacco was mooted in 1988, by the workers of the then African Christian Church of East Africa (ACCEA) Thika Branch and its associated projects, which included a Vocational Training College and a community development project.

Although the initiative started as a“Mwethya” Kamba word for a merry-go-round group, it was founded on the then existing Sacco principles. The main purpose of starting this initiative was to provide an avenue through which church workers could save part of their earnings and be able to secure loans for personal development.

The Challenge and Solution

By the end of December 1988, the SACCO as it used to be referred although not registered had a membership of 11 people.  The membership of the SACCO continued to grow and by the year 1994 we had about 25 members.  Currently (2019) the SACCO can boast of a membership of over 1100 members.

With this growth, the need to register the SACCO with the ministry of Co-operative Development became a necessity.  In 1996 we started the process of registration of the SACCO and on the 23rd day of October 1997, we became a registered SACCO (Registration No. CS/8262) under the name African Christian Church Staff Savings & Credit Cooperative Society Ltd and the SACCO was issued with a certificate of registration. 
With the growing demand for the Sacco's services from people outside of the Christian Church International, coupled with the need to adopt a modern and dynamic outlook, the Sacco has since re-branded to Eagles Eye Sacco Limited.

With this new and bold outlook, Eagle's Sacco wishes to play a more significant role in the financial empowerment of our members. We aspire to become the one-stop-shop for all our members' savings and credit needs.

Medals of Honour

The following certificates were awarded by the ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development-  Department of Cooperatives. This rating was done within Thika District (Thika East & Thika West) in 2013.

  • Position 1, Best Education Program, 2013.
  • Position 2, CSR & Strategic plan Implementation, (2009-2014).
  • Position 2, Holding AGM Early.
  • Position 2, Most Compliant Sacco.